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Basketball Wives Season 7 Thread
[Image: 5ae079ce8b02c35a224ad24c.jpg]
I hope this season isnt a drag like some of the other seasons.

Jackie is still being irritating and really had the nerve to get mad at evelyn, because chantel talked to her.

Tami still being tami being mad for no reason when no one has done anything to her.

I think im the only one who likes shaunie and doesnt see anything wrong with her.

Laquisha Malaysia im on and off with her but hopefully shes not being annoying and entitled this season.

Kristen ive followed her for a while on ig and shes really pretty with her adorable family. Hopefully this show doesnt ruin her for me.

Cece ive followed her on istagram for a while also and dont think much of her.

Evelyn im on and off with her also but i dont see a problem with her

Jenn is just a flip flopper that i would never be friends with.
Spot on about Jackie. Chantel walked her wanna be cute ass over there on her own, Evelyn went upstairs for that reason to avoid Jackie and her daughter. She just loves making something out of nothing.
I think the tami and Jackie vs Evelyn beef is what’s going to drag the show. Since they never know the new chicks like that the arguement between them are always pointless.
Jennifer is really allowing herself to take all the heat for the stuff Evelyn says. Tami did right to dig into her because she should know how to tell what needs to be told without telling to much.
Episode 2 was boring. They focused it way too much on cece and honestly she should've been talking to Evelyn.
Evelyn is such a liar knowing good and well she wasn’t joking about the happy endings comment. She said someone at the gym told her about that now all of a sudden it was a joke and if it was why not clarify that with Kirsten instead of trying to make it seem like she started some shit.
Jennifer and Evelyn are both liars. They never said it was a joke and what was the purpose of saying that about Cece if they were joking, knowing she was going to tell her.
Everybody has become so disinterested in this show because its become thrown together. They cant even produce new drama, just arguing about the same thing.
This show is honestly super boring. These girls are arguing about nothing. What kirsten and og were arguing about at her party was stupid? And Jackie needed therapy 3 seasons ago.

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