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Daniella Perkins
[Image: Daniella_Perkins_Nickelodeon_Halo_Awards...v_Dhal.jpg]
Is she really a mean girl? I’ve read something’s that says she a little messy.
This fanpages has to get her together when because of something that was said about riele downs.
[Image: 13_DF2115_0005_420_A_A76_C_24_D1_B3_F9_F91_A.jpg]
One of her fan pages says a lot of ignorant and colorist remarks and Daniella co-signs them. On top of that that make remarks about riele and she still likes the post.
My thing is how is she a victim of colorism, yet consigns the ignorant things that fanpages says. Yet got in her feelings trying to compare the hate riele gets to up almost being upstaged by some white girls.
[Image: 1_B953_DFF_51_CA_4527_A939_8755_EEE7276_F.jpg]
[Image: 044_ADC9_F_976_E_4014_B1_E0_210_A1_BD90222.jpg]
Another mixed girl who’s black when it’s convenient for her. Either way it goes, that fanpages is being ignorant. Ain’t no way we finna normalize biracial, mixed, and light skin women taking roles from dark skin. Girls. Plus if riele was her “sister” she would understand where that other page was coming from instead of trying to make excuses as to why it wouldn’t be like that.
Sis had a problem with one casting and now all of a sudden she’s a victim of colorism. Does this girl even speak up for black girls or does she just include herself in black girl problems?
Girls that look like Daniella still get better treatment. Just because that one role would’ve potentially been taken away doesn’t mean it was colorism. And by deflecting the actual conversation she basically agrees with that fanpage.

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