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Daniella Perkins
Honesty she mostly embraces her white side so sis can quit with that my community shit when she ain’t ever been apart of the community to begin with.
Does she even hang out with other black girls, like are her and riele even friends?
(08-01-2018, 12:54 AM) Wrote: Sis had a problem with one casting and now all of a sudden she’s a victim of colorism. Does this girl even speak up for black girls or does she just include herself in black girl problems?

She just includes herself and as far as speaking of for black girls she doesn’t. Which is why she flipped the conversation so quickly.
dani needs to realize her light skin privilege
She should’ve just not responded because she honestly wasn’t making sense.
She doesn’t speak on colorism nor does she understand it, so i don’t understand why she went so hard to comment. Triggered much.
She should correct her fans though when theyre playing into colorism. Im sure riele cant look at Daniella and think she'll have the same success as her.
Did y’all see she’s workin with kingbach who’s also a colorist?
Let’s see what other acting jobs does she get.
I hope shes not trying to do the social media skit type stuff, because thats hella corny.

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