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Daniella Perkins
She needs to be in an acting class. She gotta grow from the nick characters and get some grown-up acting jobs. Shes a pretty girl but that doesnt mean shes going to get all the acting roles she tries out for. Hollywood already got their primary light skins and biracials.
I hope she learns the difference between colorism and racism.
The fact that her fans think it would be appropriate for her to play a dark skin character just because she got some black in her is disrespectful to actual dark skin actresses who want a shot also. Biracial actresses already taking ever role that was meant for us yet pretending to actually give a damn if we see ourselves. Like girl just say you not giving up know check.
That’s what they don’t understand all that talking about colorist yet still talking roles getting all the attention.
They just wanna appear fake woke and concerned. It definitely isn’t the same for her and riele no matter how many parts she doesn’t get.

Her and these poor choice of boyfriends. She likes funny looking white guys.
She seems to only like black people when shes on social media but she definitely doesnt hang out with them in person.
She only hangs out with people who like to act black. And i wish she would figure her hair out because it looks a little damaged.


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