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Greenleaf Season 3
[Image: greenleaf_s3_keyart_vertical.jpg]
Im so ready for this season.
I hope they give more screen time to jacob and his family also.
Im glad zora is back.

Mae. charity, and jacob are all lame for trying to blame gigi for everything going wrong. They mess themselves up being judgmental then it comes back on them. Mae didnt have to talk to mavis just because gigi was back. Mac was a rapist that needed to be put away and im glad gigi did everything in her power to do so. Also people are just getting back at them for the things they've done. their dad did have a man killed without even trying.
Mae is just making excuse. Her man cheating on her was his doing and clearly she was ok with living a lie for all that time. They both cheated and if cheating was such a deal breaker she couldve not married him.
I wonder what zora was stealing money for and jacob really let tasha get in his ear about brittany. Do i think brittany shouldve approached him better yes but he shouldve have fired her.
If i was bishop i wouldnt have left, i wouldve went to another part of the house
I need a gif. *Are you 12* Jacob had me dead when he said that to charity. She really does act like a kid in certain situations, then had the nerve to say they need her at home as if that would help anything.
I wonder why mae is so upset with grace.
I dnt blame charity for not just sending her son with kevin after just up and leaving, but they should go to court if that will make things alot better. Also kevin would have me fucked up threatening to call the police. That alone would have me in court getting primary custody.

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