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Nia Frazier
[Image: 3_D47585_A_4063_4_BA0_BF9_A_A25_A6_C790_E52.jpg]
Was Bryce popping like that before he got with Nia? A lot of people feel like he used her.
Bryce does seem a little shady to me. Hes one of those guys who comes of really sweet and innocent but can also be a user.
HE was using her end of discussion. Some of her fans didn’t like him either.
What i don’t understand is how did he get so close with her friends? And something i noticed was they both were at baby Ariel(i think it was her) birthday dinner, yet didn’t take pictures together.
He done became besties with all these girls just to get some hype to his own career.
I think Bryce is a nice guy, but im sure he knew the kind of attention he would get being with nia which he cant help. That kind of stuff just happens when you date someone with status.

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