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Biracial Actresses and Colorism

Alexandra Shipp's ego is disgusting. Shes only black when it come to getting a role. She doesnt even care about black women just getting a coin, which is why i never support anything shes included in.

Yara I can tolerate a little because she does acknowledge colorism, but she still plays her part in it and somewhat has the same opinion as alex, when it comes to taking roles. She hasnt said so herself that shes not giving up roles, that are specifically for black women, but her actions show that she will. Just because she appears black to most people doesnt make it ok.

Zendaya acknowledges and doesnt take part but the fact that she considers herself a lightskin black woman instead of biracial is also crazy to me. Shes biracial and doesnt ever call herself that as if she wants to remove being white completely.
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I wish people would just understand that biracial women are taking over being the face of black women and thats not right. I cant look at some biracial woman and see myself in her.

And whats crazy is that since biracial women are only claiming their black side you got other biracials saying they are under-represented, or that biracial kids dont really have alot of representation.
To me them acknowledging it isnt helping black women get roles, its just getting them some praise for doing it
Conversation cant be to deep you dont want to take there blackness away. *Sarcasm*
They dismiss a whole half of themselves just to be apart of the culture. Im sure their white mothers and fathers dont mind as because they also benefit from it.
I feel like yara gets a slap on the wrist because shes a smart girl who talks about colorism, but no one ever points out that she contributes to also.


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