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Biracial Actresses and Colorism
It’s several dark skin black women they could use but they choose to ignore us and push us to the back.
Y’all they really are all the same person. They all take away from dark skin women, yet pretend. Alexandra is the only one who’s a honest colorist. It’s still fuck her tho.
Until they show some actual support to black women dont support them or these colorist black actors either. And if you really want to see something watch it on bootleg.

Whats really sad is that alot of these black directors and producers are the main ones casting biracial women as full black women. Its to the point theyre not even called biracial.
Exactly these black directors are doing exactly what hollywood wants them to do and like puppets theyre doing it.
I agree 100% with this thread. The biracials are getting all the roles and having all the fun. These lightskin black girls dont realize that they are cancelling themselves out also.
Whats also crazy is that now biracials are saying that they dont have much representation in movies as far as the parents being an interracial couple. Yet none of these biracial actresses are even claiming being biracial they just say theyre black and dont like being told theyre something other than.
Quote from an interview Amandla recently did -

"Me and Yara and Zendaya are perceived in the same way because we are lighter skinned brown girls," she said. "We fill this interesting space of being accessible to Hollywood and accessible to white people in a way that darker skinned girls are not."
If i was zendaya or yara i wouldnt want her fake ass mentioning my name or comparing herself to me. Between the three shes the worst because she literally says things for attention. Also she definitely doesnt care about black women or dark skin women getting representation.
In the interview she talked about the 3 being more accessible in Hollywood than darker skinned girls, but if that's the case and they want to help us get representation then don't try out for roles for dark skinned girls. Amandla will take a role for a dark skin chick in a second yet wants us to believe shes down for us. sorry sis but talk is cheap.
Nothing they say or do can help us. So they might as well quit pretending to be so concerned. Fake asses!

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