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Insecure Season 3
LOL at the ongoing vase saga (13 years strong!). The Issa-Molly dialogue is written and executed well, easily my favorite/funniest parts of the episodes.

I don’t care how down and out I was, I would NEVER move in with an ex. They got me with the fakeout at the beginning, though, I totally thought that was Issa getting it on with Daniel. ?

ETA: I have a “We Got Y’all” shirt and it just hit me a couple weeks ago that the logo is problematic, so it’s funny that they’re addressing it now.
I'm glad that Molly finally cut Dro loose. She tried to set specific boundaries and he agreed to them but then immediately disregarded them. Then it got even worse when he let himself into her place and tried to play coy when she asked for her key back. Like she said, it's her key to her place. She has the right to ask for it back whenever she wants - and that goes double when you just show up inside her house.
This show really has some men in there feelings.
Issa shouldve just begged molly to stay with her because aint no way im listening to a dude i use to sleep with have sex while im in the other room. I'd be highkey jealous.
Im sure we can all agree that ylan noel is fine as fuck and him and issa should be together. Also issa co workers are annoying as fuck and high key racist.
Good show i like to watch it
Daniel should learn to control his anger and think everything is a attack at his personal being.

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