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13 Reason Why Season 2 Returning May 18
New Season is now on Netflix.
I already know Hannah character is going to get on my nerves. Lmao!
I really want them to show more of the polaroids quicker or atleast give us little more meaning.
What’s really crazy is that none of them want to leave school but they’re going crazy with what people are saying about them.
To me it’s startimg off pretty slow. I’m sick of them
They need to put Bryce on the stand, actually he should’ve been first.
Nothings going to happen to bryce, because thats just how it is in these situations. Its easier to make the victim look like a liar than try to get the actual truth out of the rapist.
His little girlfriend is going to piss me off also. You can tell she has something to do with all this stuff happening.
I really thought there was about to be a school shooting when Justin walked in. And i don't like how Jessica told he she wished he died. Especially if he can help her with the case.
I’m on episode 7 and it’s not giving enough for me. Theyre not filling in enough of the gap.

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