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The Haves and The Have Nots Season 5
[Image: hahn.jpg]
Imj so ready for Veronica to get her karma. Tyler shook her for 2 seconds just for her to be right back in control. Shit is getting old and corny.
David weak ass. He a whole ass judge and letting Veronica do him any kind of way. Which is quite sad because all he gotta do is fight fire with fire. And how the hell he already got Erica moving in after like 2 nights at a hotel.

Candace is still going backwards. She done even picked up a whole new girl to to hoe for her and still not getting anything out of it. she almost kills oscar and still doesnt get any money and still broke. She got whatever going on with erica which doesnt seem like much.

Officer Justin is working a damn nerve with that fake toughness and his character needs some acting classes cause that shit is bad.
They could just stop showing hannah. I am glad that stopped making her doing all that unnecessary yelling and crying.
So hannah's little boyfriend has some dealings with veronica next episode. Its just so annoying that the several chances people had to kill veronica and they didn't. I know she's one of the main antagonist, but let something bad happen to her and it sticks.
The show would be extremely dry with out Veronica. Tyler should work on amping up the other characters. Let Veronica meet her match which is what i thought they were doing with kathrine.
I really need to catch up in this season.
I can't believe Erica is dead. Can Veronica get knocked down a peg or two and actually stay there for more than 2 seconds.
I didn’t know Erica and the Malone grandson dated in real life. They make a cute couple
I hope someone torture the hell out of veronica. Im even getting tired of candice and her behavior.

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