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Braxton Family Values All Seasons
Toni can be somewhat irritating because she has all of them by the balls and they don't hold her all the way accountable with the stuff she says and does. I do like the fact that she's the one that can tell Tamar shes wrong and Tamar listens.

Traci has the best personality and is more down to earth. She is the funniest one of them all and I'm glad she finally getting her shot.
I do think she needs to be more open and quit bottling things up then flipping out on people hard.

Trina is ok to me. I think she should quit trying to be the victim all the time and learn to be more open. She acts so afraid all the time, yet tries to be hardcore at the same time and it doesn't work. She does get Tamar together which I like. Also, I wish she would've gone the more R&B route with her music instead of pop.

Towanda is another fav I like. I really don't understand why people think she's so jealous of her sisters or that she picks sides. I think she accommodates all her family and tries to help them and doesn't want to baby them all the time. I do think people expect her to kiss her sister's ass because shes had the most trouble financially and her sisters have had to help but I don't agree.

Tamar can funny at times but also annoying. That whole I can do it but you cant personally that shes had all these years and still has is what makes her not likable. The way she talks to her sisters and others can be very disrespectful at times yet she wonders why the sisters sometimes rally together and shes left out. Its ok to be outspoken without having to control the convo or be the only one heard everytime you speak. She also has to quit making a joke out of everybody hardships.

Miss Evelyn is just totally annoying. I think the reason they have men troubles the way they do is that of her. She won't let go of the past with their dad and that's causing her to give terrible advice to them about their relationships. The fact that she can't stand their dad but still holds his last name, even with a new wife is so tacky to me. The nerves of her thinking him and his wife obsessed with her.
Evelyn complaining about the dad and his wife make her the obsessed one. She's the one who constantly brings that info up, if not the girls.
I dont like how the girls purposely bring up their dad, just to get a reaction out of their mother. The whole tamar can be messy at times.
The are a strong family and they sing well

I really wanna know whats tamars issue with tracey. Shes tried to make it seem like tracey is the issue but really its her.
The difference between tamar and her sisters, is that tamar has a very messy personality. Tamar likes to throw shade and read people but doesnt like it done to her. Her sisters are more likable and dont feed into that bs she says.
Tamar talks to damn much about her sister and they can’t do it to her.

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