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Claws Season 2 Premieres June 10

OMG, Desna looks fabulous.

And Roller is as fine as ever. Looks like he gained a little weight though.

Meh, I'm already tired of these Russians, especially the new HBIC with the bad accent.

Looks like it's going to an insane season.
Roller's "you're a man of God, this shit isn't holy" at the wedding may be the line of the episode. Huh so he hasn't gone right to Desna that the doctor is dirty I thought he'd be impulsive enough to want rub it in. I like Desna telling Polly to go to her fake personality happy places.

This insane start was okay and fun for a return but it will get old fast if the season is about upping the crazy antics. Riva wasn't as nearly annoying to listen too than her sister which is a big downside to this change.
This is my shit. Jenn with the magic Pussy. Dean dancing. Quite Ann girlfriend....
I loved the slap down fight at the end! I hope Jenn lets Bryce go at this point. She had sex with the rabbi and gave the dude a rimjob, while Bryce got a blowjob from her mom. There's no coming back from that. Of course, with this show, you can't tell where it's going to go.

I loved Desna's look in the beginning, with the metal loops in her hair.
This show is by far one of the greatest shows. Very good show to watch
Uncle daddy and that one nail are so irritating. Haitian man and russian lady are disgusting people.
I knew that Bogdan wasn't Roller's cause it seemed fishy there was never a paternity test. Seems he loves that boy regardless but it is an extra layer to add to Zlata's psychotic ruthlessness.

I like that moment between Roller and Desna when he spilled to her about Bogdan.

In some ways I get where Quiet Ann is coming from with her questioning Desna but she is about to get her heart crushed when she finds out about Arlene. Desna also had a point that Quiet Ann could have stayed at Glint if she was that disgusted by the drama.

Poor Dean seeing Arlene and her partner driving off with Desna.

I will be curious to see how Polly handles things when she finds out about Dr. Ken being an informant.
I really don't know how Desna has made it as far in life as she has already. She's in the crime game, and she didn't think her life was expendable to these people? She's not family, and they even treat their family like shit. She is means to an end and nothing more.

I am also disappointed that she was running on emotion. I wanted her to have her revenge plot on point. This episode was so meh.

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