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The Chi
I will admit that I was hesitant to watch this show because I was not interested in another downtrodden, violence-filled take on The Chi. However, the storytelling was great and the characters were engaging. Coogie, while smart and loving, was a kid living on the edge. He was not a dopeboy but he stayed around them, even when he could of been in a different area. When he put that chain on, I literally said, he is wearing a dead man's chain. Despite the environment he was from, he still did not understand the gravity of involving himself in that murder. His dying and his brother's speech at the funeral really got me. It will be interesting to learn the backstories of the guy who killed him and his older brother.

As a day 1 Wire fan, it was nice seeing Sonja Sohn in a different role. Also, Alex Hibbert from Moonlight, Jacob Lattimore and Jason Mitchell from Straight Outta Compton are young talents that I am glad to see again. And the young ladies, who I am seeing for the first time, seem to be more young talent that I hope to get to know.

Overall, I really enjoyed the first episode. I have been a fan of Lena Waithe for many years, before ever really seeing her work. I am happy she has been able to tell this story set in her hometown. While I do not have Showtime, I will find a way to watch this show because I am already engrossed in the full story.
I never lived in Chicago, but I have a lot of family and friends who live there, and I have been there many times, and consider it my favorite big city (and the one I feel most at home in) so I wanted to check this out right away, and I am already hooked. Still trying to keep track of all the characters and their connections, and I hope the world is expanded a bit (Chicago is a big city that has a lot more than just downtrodden areas and the Cubs) but I think I can have faith in this. I can see how this could be more of the new Treme instead of the new The Wire. The Wire was more about larger societal problems through the view of this one area of Baltimore, while Treme was about how a city and the many residents deal with adversity. There will probably be a lot of both, but with the story of Coogies death and the kid whos chain he stole.

Coogies mom was just awful. Even after her son died, I wanted someone to tell her to shut it. She was just awful to her son and his girlfriend, and unless we find out she has an actual reason, it seems to be because...he got a job? Yeah, the saw the ending coming almost as soon as Coogie took the necklace, but it was still really sad. It will be interested to see what his brother does now that he knows that the father of the other dead kid killed his brother. Cycle of revenge story? Wont that guy feel awful when he inevitably finds out he killed the wrong kid?

Lots of great performances, and an interesting atmosphere. Should be good.
Who is each character? I slowly got confused after like episode three?
Jason is the kid who was shot dead. His mother is Tracy and Ronnie is his moms ex boyfriend who raised him like his own.

Coogie found jason laying on the ground dead and took his chain. Coogie was picked up by Detective Cruz(the god cop) and questioned and let go. Ronnie kills Coogie after a drug dealer Reg tells him that cooogie was standing over jasons body.

Brandon is coogie brother.

Kevin is the little boy who saw ronnie kill coogie. His friends Papa and Jake also know about it.
I wish Brandon's mom would realize gravy is only using her. He sees shes grieving the loss of her son and has her making decisions off of emotion. And Jerrica isn't making it any better.
I understand his mother is finding a little peace wanting to move but I wouldn't do it with gravy.

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