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Keith Powers

He’s was in Straight Out Of Compton, The Neww Edition Story, Famous In Love. 

Dating actress Ryan Destiny from Star.
He fine as hell but he needs acting classes. What are some projects he's has coming up?
(05-19-2018, 02:43 PM) Wrote: He fine as hell but he needs acting classes. What are some projects he's has coming up?

I searched and couldn't find any up and coming projects. He to sprung on Ryan to do anything. There has already been a lot of drama with had he treats his fans.
He doesnt seem as serious about acting or putting himself out there like that anymore. That movie hes doing with woody is it that ive heard of.
Keith all about Ryan now. I think the main reason he got so private was that of how nasty is fans were being to her, now he going incognito and they don't like it. Now they're pretending like they don't care about him being with her when they do.
Keith probably just trying to find himself and probably has to fully proper himself for the fame shit.
Y’all know keith is a sweetheart who loves hard on his girlfriends. Ryan might be exactly who he was looking for.
I’m not surprised he became more private once he got an a relationship. His fans calling his girlfriend a hoe was way out of line. I hope he gets booked soon because Famous in Love is a terrible show.
He is a very handsome guy in love, i dot understand what’s wrong with that. Be be fan girl these instafamous people relationship and they barely do anything. Giving the wrong people a hard time.
Is he not acting anymore? I see he’s getting more into photography.

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