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Cloak and Dagger Season 1
[Image: Marvels_Cloak_and_Dagger.jpg]
I liked it. I didn't love it, but I'm intrigued enough to continue. I think both leads seem well cast so far. Very much enjoyed Tyrone. Can't say I like Tandy just yet, she is seriously manipulative in her schemes, if she didn't connect so personally with who she's about to rip off, I might be more into the character already. I'm guessing that'll change soon, or I hope so. But I thought the premiere was a tad disjointed at times and even though they were going for that to a certain extent, I don't think it flowed quite as well as they wanted. Some things felt like WTH is happening now or just why is this happening. I found a ton of the basketball stuff to be unnecessary and unbelievable, but I actually know basketball so that could be the issue. Overall though, I liked it, but it's definitely more origin story and less superhero drama for now and more mature than I was thinking it would be.
2 hours and they are together 5min. Good gravy that was super annoying. I get setting up the plot but that was a freaking stretch
It is moving very slow, but at least tyrone is fine and something to look at.
I really like it now that they are using their powers more. I just need the storylines to move a little faster. I understand what Tyrone is tryin to do but I’m not sure about Tandy.
I cant wait for auntie too reveal more with her readings. I like the voodoo aspect of the show.
I was wondering why he wasn't texting her in the first place. What was he going to do talk to her and make himself known earlier?

Tandy is really a terrible con artist. she gave way too much away. The only thing she does right is the research on the mark. I suppose it being her part of her Dad is what made her so eager.

So they can't touch each other, or was Ty blocking her because he was upset. The aunt and Ty's girlfriend talking in vague terms was kind of useless, it seems it's only purpose is to say the age old line of one will live and one will die.
Is it just me or did Ty teleport each time shots were fired. It was almost as if his powers themselves detected immediate danger and teleport him just a few yards ahead once the bullet had passed. Is this a manifestation of his powers? Do his powers not rely on a conscious decision?
Those two have really great chemistry together. Especially in their interviews.
Everybody been shipping them saying they got great chemistry. But you can tell they’re into each other.

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