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Cloak and Dagger Season 1
Lol @ Evita figuring it out that tandy was the other divine pairing... Her face was one of anger disgust frustration and a lil bit of.. "Oh God the lil blonde white girl... Seriously? "... Another great epi.. Tandy was self pity and misplaced anger.. And Ty was all hoplessness and rage... And damn if those two don't really blow up at one another and go for the jugular... I'm so looking fwd to season 2... I wish they'd move it up so we can get to it faster
I've got no patience for Tandy and her nasty hope stealing this episode. I haven't liked her much before this and this just clinched it. I don't care that its an expansion on her drug addiction, it just despicable. She deserved that look from Evita.
I’m sure she didn’t think it was her, i think Tandy and her bad ass attitude and the fact that she was using her powers for bad may be the reason she was angry
Considering that this was the penultimate episode of the season, it was quite slow, so I hope the pace picks up for the finale next week.

I hope Mina is alright, I like her.
How did those other cops just stand around while conners just beat up Oreily? I hate crooked cops. And i really wanna know who is that random as woman.

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