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Power Season 5
How did dre take over so quickly?
I really want to know what Kanan did to tasha and Keisha told her right when she said their kids dont really know them.
From your lips......Man, that would be fabulous. And then she can take out Kanaan.

I'm still laughing at Tommy asking Ghost why he's always on TV and if he doesn't understand how being a criminal works. Lol! When Tommy has to give you words of wisdom, you have a problem.

I love that Ghost thought he was playing Garcelle Beauvais' character, when she was playing him. Yes girl, let him fuck you right, and still don't give him money for his building. At least he's learning that everyone doesn't get as dick-whipped as Angela does.

Not sure why Dre thinks it's a good idea to keep fucking around with Diego. Both him and his sister are psychos.
The nerve of ghost calling tasha selfish.
Geez, I have a feeling Proctor's gonna end up dead soon. He's become a big liability.

That smarmy Councilman Tate might've just put a big target on his own back. What kind of game is he trying to play with Dre and Ghost? Maybe he's hoping one of them will take down the other?

Finally. James and Angie connect again after they've both suffered major losses. I'm surprised it took this long.
This show is honestly so boring and its like the same thing happening over and over again.
Ghost would have one time to talk to me the way he talks to tasha. I’d hurt his feelings so damn bad.
I gotta catch up on last weeks episode but was it good?
Finally caught up with the episodes. Since I watched ep 4 & 5 back to back, I could really tell how the return on Riq the idiot sucked any enjoyment I had with the show Sad That kid is just dumber than a sack of potatoes. Kanan grooming Riq was icky last season and it is still icky now. Bleh!

Liked how Tommy laid it down on Riq, too bad Riq is a slow learner. "Loyal to your own cause" HA!! Damn good summary of both father and son

That wrong cake scene was nicely done. Tasha did order strawberry cake (instead of chocolate) at bakery, but I thought Riq just liked strawberries.

As dumb as Riq, I could not blame him for getting mad at Ghost. This was the 1st birthday after his daughter's death and the dude chose to do dick measuring contest at his club. Seriously??

There is 85% probability next episode will open with James & Angela sexy time scenes

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