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Power Season 5
This episode was whoa. Tommy, my Tommy. He is a good actor.

The way James looked when Proctor left was sinister! I’m so glad Proctor told him he was wired.

I can’t stand Tariq. Got all that and wants to be a thug. Dumb kid.

I am so glad James is finally calling shots with Tate. I couldn’t take him being submissive.

Now Dre and calling the cops on Cristobal? This is going to be interesting because I don’t see how this connects. Can someone explain the arrest?
1) Procter is using a nice little "divide and conquer" strategy. He gives up dirt on Angela, and then tells James he has to flip on Angela because Angela would do the same to him to save herself.

2) Tariq... "Teach me the mother%^&*ing game, Ghost"?????

Those couple seconds before James says "I'd rather kill you than...", he seemed like he was actually considering it. I thought this whole Kanan experience would have humbled Tariq a little bit, but apparently, I thought wrong.

3) SURPRISE! Angela gets caught by surprise at the end. They have labelled her "consigliere" but she just knows about the stuff she's directly involved in. She can't give them much about their (or rather Tommy's) drug business (connects, distros, street peddlers, etc) if that's what they're looking for. She knows Tommy is the distro and that's it.

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