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Luke Cage Season 2
I honestly feel like this season is just as bad as season one. The guy playing Luke although good to look at is extremely boring when acting. It makes it so hard to really just get into the show, because it starts to drag the second it gets to his scene.
Luke Cage dabbing was the fucking worst. Like who in the hell thought that was ok. I know he’s cultured but leave that shit for the kids. It’s corny.
I'm on ep 3 and I'm loving it so far. Love the integration of Jamaicans and their culture in new york especially the music...and that the people playing Jamaicans actually sound Jamaican. I like Bushmaster a lot.

Only thing I don't like is Mariah and shades...hated shades in s1 and it's obvious one of them is gon turn on the other. Claire is kinda just there....don't see the point in her and luke being together when luke is supposed to end up with jessica jones anyway.
After that fab i couldn’t watch any more. It’s like his character went from a humble man to an arrogant one. Its turned into some comedy show.
Luke from last season would never be making PSA's and dabbing. They've changed him alot this season.
Shoutout to the Jamaicans.
He has the most boring powers ever. I know being bulletproof is awesome, but theirs nothing exciting about his character.

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